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Londonderry Air (arr. for erhu & cello)

Londonderry Air (arr. for erhu & cello)


Respectively originating from the west and the east, the cello and the erhu are both bowed instring instruments. In fact, their timbres are said to be consistent with that of the human voice: such that the cello can go as low and as deep as a gentlemen's voice while the erhu's sound can emulate and be just as bright as a lady's voice- both wonderfully narrating the emotions of the melody... In this episode of Music Talks, we'll hear four music performances led by the erhu and cello and accompanied by the China National Traditional Orchestra. 1. Londonderry Air (arr. for erhu & cello) 2. Another Side of the River (arr. for erhu & cello) 3. The Platform of Chrysanthemum (arr. for erhu & cello) 4. Look at Each Other (erhu & cello)

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