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Why China Should Definitely Be on Your Travel List

 Why China Should Definitely Be on Your Travel List


Gareth Cliff and Phumi Mashigo kickstart the first episode of Howzit China by getting an in-depth perspective from people who have extensively traveled in China. Botlhale Seageng is an economist who went there to study Mandarin, and did his Masters at Renmin University in Beijing. Botlhale shares his personal experiences on how life was for the 3 years he lived there – from experimenting with the different types of food, to visiting communities who were not accustomed to seeing black people. The next guest is Jen Su, who has been involved in the media industry for over 20 years, and has worked in different parts of China… from Hong Kong, to Taipei, to Shanghai. Jen gives us a personal view of her experiences – the must-see places, the night life, and why China should definitely be on your travel list!

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