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Nomadic voices

Nomadic voices


Founded in 2011, 'Shen Jun' is a reputed band from Inner Mongolia that has been active on stage over the years, infusing modernity into traditional nomadic melodies. The band is not only remarkable at playing the fiddle but versatile in mastering diverse instruments as well. Some members are also excellent singers, full of nomadic flavour that connects their audiences to the vast grassland. Another amazing feature of their performances includes what is called “throat singing”, is one of the oldest forms of music. SONG LISTS: 1. BGM: Attachment 依恋, performed by Shen Jun 2. The grass 小草, performed by Talin Tuya(kouxian) and Shen Jun 3. Here comes the spring 春天来了, performed by Shen Jun 4. The raven steed 黑骏马, performed by Shen Jun 5. Galloping horses 万马奔腾, performed by Chi Bulag and Shen Jun 6. Cradlesong 摇篮曲, performed by Shen Jun 7. BGM: Toast Song 祝酒歌, performed by Shen Jun

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