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Nomadic voices (ii)

Nomadic  voices (ii)


'Shen Jun', a reputed band from Inner Mongolia has been active on stage over the years. The group is phenomenal at playing several Mongolian instruments, in combination with stunning vocality, as we've heard in the previous episode. Today, we continue to join Chao Lumen from Shen Jun in a few more of their works that bring you closer to life on the pasture. Also, the band creatively rearranged some global songs for their Mongolian fiddles to play. Song Lists: 1. BGM: Here comes the spring 春天来了 2. The Ancient Journey 远古征程 3. The Toast Song 祝酒歌 4. The Dome Hat 圆顶帽 5. Father's Grassland & Mother's River 父亲的草原母亲的河 6. The Phantom of the Opera 歌剧魅影 7. Smooth Criminal 犯罪高手

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