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Echoes of the Hakka

Echoes of the Hakka


Guangdong Hakka music is one of the three major musical genres in the province, which has more than 1600 years of history. Inscribed onto the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2006, its music is classic and elegant, incorporating elements of diversified musical styles throughout the nation. Today, we have Xiong Changjiang with us, a celebrated touxian performer with the Guangdong Hakka Opera and Music Research Institution, who introduces historical background of the genre and brings us several new adaptations of traditional Hakka pieces, rearranged by the late influential composer Zhang Yunling. Song lists: 1. BGM: Joy of Ping Mountain, 平山乐 2. The Arrival of Spring, 百家春 3. A Ride in the Bamboo Raft, 双扶船 4. Peeking behind the Curtain, 挑帘 5. The Whizz, 博古 6. Nostalgia, 怀古 7. The General’s Command, 将军令

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