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Tunes of the village

Tunes of the village


The bawu is a free-reed bamboo pipe with a single metal reed, predominantly performed in the Yi, Miao and Hani communities in southwest China’s Yunnan, Guizhou Provinces and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. With soft and mellow tonality, many say the music of the instrument speaks directly to people’s heart. Today, Mr He Weiqing, the chairman of the Bawu Group of the China Ethnic Orchestral Society, brings us several classic and modern bawu songs. Song lists: 1. BGM: Catching Fish in Rice Fields, composed and performed by He Yuan 2. The Fishing Song, composed and performed by Yan Tieming 3. A Night in Dong Village, composed by Yang Ming, performed by Zheng Qiang 4. Scenery by the Lake, composed and performed by Yu Tianyou 5. Spring Arrives at the Pasture, composed and performed by Yan Tieming 6. Holy Tibet, composed by Cao Pengju and Cao Chen, performed by Zheng Qiang 7. The Aroma of Tea, composed by Jiang Yiwu and Jin Yage; performed by Jiang Yiwu

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