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The Chinese Beat & Fitness

The Chinese Beat & Fitness


Today, we talk about fitness and music. Through interviewing musicians from China National Traditional Orchestra and others, let's hear what their workout habits are and how music affects them. In addition, we'll get their recommendations on some Chinese tunes that you could add to your workout playlists - all in today's Music Talks. Song Lists: 1. BGM: The Rhyme of Drum 鼓之韵, by Zhu Jianping 2. Made in China 中国制造, by Zhu Jianping 3. New Fengyang Flower Drum 新凤阳花鼓, by Zhu Jianping 4. BGM: The White Tea 白毫银针, by Pei Changjia 5. The Green Snail Spring 碧螺春晓, by Pei Changjia 6. The Shepherd's Song 牧羊曲, composed by Wang Liping, guzheng by Zhang Lu 7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 卧虎藏龙, composed by Tan Dun, erhu by Jin Yue

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