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A Journey to the mainstream

A Journey to the mainstream


The banhu is a member of the bowed-string family, mainly featured in regional operas from the northwest of China for quite some time. It was once considered a folk instrument and was not typically performed on a big stage. Thanks to several generations of banhu performers that made a valuable contribution towards optimizing its playing techniques and broadening its musical expression, the banhu nowadays is a solo instrument and has led in Chinese ensemble since 1949. In this episode, we will introduce three renowned banhu symphonies, which differ from the traditional banhu genre. Our guests on the show, Professor Li Heng will share with us his inspirations behind the compositions that we will hear today, while Mr Zhang Xuguang will provide his understanding from the angle of the performing artist of these pieces. Song lists: 1. The Song of Narration, 叙事曲 2. Journey to Qinchuan, 秦川行 3. Gaze in the Distance, 远望

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