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Chants from the Tibetan Plateau (ii)

Chants from the Tibetan Plateau (ii)


Previously, we introduced Tuo Le band from the Tibetan Plateau, who is dedicated to inheriting ancient Tibetan vocals, a folk art listed in China's Intangible Cultural Heritage. The chanting originated in India and entered into the Tibetan region with the influence of Buddhism, and gradually became part of Tibetan people's lives. Today, we continue to join Tuo Le as they chant us to Tibetan Plateau. Song Lists: 1. Intro BGM: Good Will 善愿 2. My Heart Upward 我心向上 3. Auspicious Words 吉祥语 4. Ode to the Best Wishes 如意颂 5. Calling 呼唤 6. Life and Growth in Nature 生生不息 7. Fearless 勇往前行

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