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The band of the century

The band of the century


In this episode, we introduce a renowned wind and percussion ensemble, called the Zhou Family Band, a national cultural inheritor of the genre. With over six hundred years of history, their music is traditionally performed on several occasions, such as weddings, funerals, child births and birthdays. Nowadays, the folk band is looking to revive their traditional essence by infusing components of world music. Today, we have the producer of this ancient group Ms Ma Rong. She brings us several songs from the Zhou Family Band that are typically heard in pairs. Hopefully, you can discover the development of the music genre by comparison. Song lists: 1. Eternal Prosperity, 梵字调•万年红 2. Awakening, 觉醒 3. Battle between Bands, 十样锦•对棚 4. Musical Battle, 斗乐 5. Newborn Celebration, 庆贺令•新生 6. Lingering, 遥 7. Fruit of the Spirit, 灵果

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