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The band of the century II

The band of the century II


Previously, we’ve introduced the famed wind and percussion ensemble, the Zhou Family Band, which has over one hundred members, all surnamed Zhou. You probably already have some insight into their evolving musical style after exploring the band’s traditional and modern songs. Today, our guest on the show is the fifth-generation leader of the band, Mr Zhou Benming, who brings us some of their recently released works, included in the album titled “Awakening”. Mr Zhou has been pivotal in making a breakthrough in the genre to a larger audience. This album is one of his big endeavors. Song lists: 1. A-ha, 啊哈 2. Zhou’s Grand Musical Show, 大周奉乐 3. Protecting, 守望 4. Nice to Meet You, 喜见 5. Long History, 长河 6. Journey, 征尘

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