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Trio of harmony (i)

Trio of harmony (i)


The 'Black Duck' group has been one of China's earliest and most famous female singing groups. In this episode, we join Ms Guo Qi and the 'Black Duck' trio to witness their beautiful & harmonic voices. Song Lists: 1. BGM: Waverider 踏浪, composed by Gu Yue, Lyrics by Zhuang Nu 2. My Motherland and I 我和我的祖国, composed by Qin Yongcheng, lyrics by Zhang Li 3. Good People Good Dream 好人好梦, composed by Song Shuhua, lyrics by Fan Xiaobin 4. Taste of Home 家的味道, composed by Qi Jianbo, lyrics by Liu Bojun 5. Song of the Wanderer 游子吟, composed by Du Xingcheng, lyrics by Meng Jiao 6. Early Summer Wind 初夏的风 纷飞的梦, composed by Wu Huanbin, lyrics by Peng Xiaoni

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