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Passage of time with the Chinese lute

Passage of time with the Chinese lute


In this episode, Ms Cai Ziyue, a pipa instrumentalist from the top orchestra in the nation—the China National Traditional Orchestra, will introduce four pipa songs. Each one represents a certain period of time in history, from ancient times, through the twentieth century, and finally to the present. Let’s embark with her on a special journey to explore this exquisite instrument. Song lists: 1. BMG: Lake Baikal, 贝加尔湖畔, composed by Li Jian 2. King Chu Dropped His Armor, 霸王卸甲, rearranged by Li Tingsong 3. Tonight, 虚籁, composed by Liu Tianhua 4. The Tale of Farewell, 水寒谣, composed by He Xie 5. Invitation to the Moon, 邀月, composed by Quan Yan

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