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Trio of harmony (ii)

Trio of harmony (ii)


The 'Black Duck' trio黑鸭子组合, known by the public since the 1990s, is one of China's earliest and most famous female singing groups. Last time, we have enjoyed some of their original songs. Today, we continue to join the trio to listen in on several cover versions of some of the most popular songs over the decades. SONG LISTS: 1. intro: Happiness is like a flower 幸福就像花儿一样 2. Farewell 送别, composed by John Pond Ordway, lyrics by Li Shutong 3. Ural Rowan Tree 山楂树 4. The Price of Love 爱的代价, written by Jonathan Lee Chung-shan 5. A Glass of Wine 一杯美酒 6. The Same Song 同一首歌, composed by Meng Weidong, lyrics by Chen Zhe

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