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Songs of autumn

Songs of autumn


Autumn is coming. After months of scorching heat and muggy humidity, the sky appears higher; the air becomes lighter and drier. Leaves start to turn red and yellow, making our surroundings incredibly colourful. It is a season that inspires musicians to compose and poets to write. Today, let's hear songs reflecting this beautiful season. Song Lists: 1. BGM: Sight-Lady YingLuo 见-璎珞姑娘, konghou by Wu Lin 2. White Dew 白露, lyrics by Li Bai, composed by Lao Luo, vocal by Gong Linna 3. Autumnal Equinox 秋分, lyrics by Liu Yuxi, composed by Lao Luo, sang by Gong Linna 4. Autumn Leaves 秋叶, by He Xige 5. Falling Leaves 落木, by Zhao Ze band 6. Autumn Hope 秋望, composed by Wang Zhongshan, guzheng by Zhang Lu

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