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Revisiting the eastern guitar: the ruan

Revisiting the eastern guitar: the ruan


Previously, we’ve introduced an eastern version of the guitar, called the ruan, which shares a similar tonality, appearance and playing techniques. Today, we have Ms Zhao Yue with us, a ruan performer from the top orchestra in the nation, the China National Traditional Orchestra. She brings us several representative pieces of the genre and hopes that our listeners are able to explore the enchantment of the instrument. Song lists: 1. Fantasy, 异想天开, performed by Zhao Yue and Wei Yuru 2. A Chill Breeze through the Pines, 松风寒, performed by Wei Yuru 3. Asturias, 阿斯图里亚斯的传奇, performed by Zhao Yue, Feng Mantian and Zhang Yanqiu, conductor: He Jianguo 4. BGM: Snow Goose Flying to the South, 雪雁南飞, performed by Wei Yuru

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