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Happy National Day!

Happy National Day!


China’s National Day falls on October 1st each year, to commemorate the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. This year marks the 71th anniversary of the founding of the nation and also another important holiday, the Mooncake Festival, also occurs on the same day. Whether you are at home enjoying quality time with your beloved ones or on your way to a resort destination, the music we present today is surely not to be missed. Today, we handpicked several remarkable pieces from Zhao Cong, a premier pipa instrumentalist from the leading orchestra of the nation, the China National Traditional Orchestra. Her music blends the essence of Chinese classics and world music, in her ongoing effort to cross-cultural barriers. Let’s see where you go in these melodies. Song lists: 1. Rose Tango 2. The Flying Fairy 3. A Wonderful Time 4. The Hero’s Departure

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