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Strings of emotion

Strings of emotion


Previously, we've introduced a bowed-string instrument, called the banhu, which is often acclaimed as the Chinese violin due to its sound. In this episode, we will bring you another member of the bowed-string family, the erhu, which is good at depicting intricate emotional expressions, such as sorrow and helplessness, and several notable animal portrayals. Today, our guest on the show is Duan Chao, an erhu instrumentalist from the leading Chinese ensemble in the nation, the China National Traditional Orchestra. She brings us three representative pieces of the genre for our enjoyment. Song lists: 1. Strings Echoing on the Frontier, 塞上弦鸣, composed by Li Binyang, conducted by Liu Sha 2. The Waves and the Sand, 大浪淘沙, composed by Abing and rearranged by Song Fei 3. Chanting of Xiange, 弦歌吟, composed by Li Bochan

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