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午后音乐会 with Mindy Ratner

午后音乐会 with Mindy Ratner


20年前,美国古典音乐节目主持人Mindy Ratner来到CRI并主持了中国最早最专业的古典音乐节目之一《午后音乐会》(Afternoon Concert)。这些节目现在听来仍然具有极高欣赏价值,我们整理了部分节目录音并呈献给大家。Mindy 现任美国明尼苏达公共广播电台古典音乐节目主持人。 Two decades ago, Mindy Ratner, an American classical music host, came to CRI and worked as producer and host of Afternoon Concert, which featured the world's greatest classical music. With a very beautiful voice, Mindy’s presentation is extremely charming. Mindy is now a host and producer of Minnesota Public Radio. (Courtesy of APM/MPR)

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